Project Management that works!

How We Work

Being a customer centric company, we aim to make the entire process of development as clear and transparent as possible. We adhere to the best industry practices and always commit to deliver a high quality 'Ace' experience.

Our proven methodology ensures we deliver on time, within budget and exceed your expectations each time.

Requirement Analysis

We get to know you and your business. We understand your current business practices, requirements and objectives to define your system requirements. After understanding these, we can determine the overall scope of your project. We offer you expert advice and determine an approach to develop an application that will best suit your needs.

System Design

After researching all the aspects of the project, our team will create a detailed project proposal document which outlines the following:

  • Description of the project, design and functionality requirements.
  • Solution to your requirements and specifications of your application.
  • Major milestones and deliverables, completion timelines and the project cost.

The proposal is then sent to you for review and approval before we proceed to the actual system development.

System Development

Our developers diligently adhere to the approved specifications document to ensure that the project is developed in accordance with the requirements and schedule. Development is done keeping in mind the quality, usability, performance and security of the system. Periodically, we will send you updates with the status of your project and if applicable, a demo.

Testing and Quality Management

Great care is taken to ensure that all aspects of our solutions are tested thoroughly. The code is tested extensively to make sure it is free of bugs and is in compliance with the requirements. After the system successfully passes our rigorous tests, we encourage you to review the application. We gather your feedback to make any required modifications, which is then followed by final testing.

Go Live!

The final version of the developed application is installed and configured on your server and is made available for usage. We closely monitor system performance, and to ensure your complete satisfaction we provide immediate response to any issues that may arise.

Training & Support

Training is provided to your organisation where required to get the best usage out of your application. Our staff will always be available to provide any ongoing support or to solve any issues that may arise in the future.